Hung Dao secondary school

2013 - 2014
Unit 2: personal information
B: my birthday (b1-4)
A. OBJECTIVES: - By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Remember, write, read the ordinal numbers.
- Read, write the months of the year.
- Ask & answer about the date of your relative’s birth and others.
- Ask & answer about personal information.
- Use the simple future to talk about the going actions.
- Understand and answer the questions about the dialogue.
+ Standard: - Listen, write, and speak about the ordinal numbers, months of the year.
- Distinguish the way to use ordinal & cardinal numbers.
- Ask, answer, and write about the birthday.
- Read in fluently B4 dialogue, understand and answer questions from a to h (speak &
+ Advanced: - Have some more exercises about ordinal & cardinal numbers.
- Listen & write some dates, months in the tape.
- Ask & answer 2 personal dialogues, between you & your partner. (Role play)
+ Note: Ask Ss learn by heart B4 and questions & answers.
*Grammar: + What is your date of birth? = When is your birthday?
– June first (the first of June).
+ Where do you live? = What is your address?
+ How old will you be on your next birthday?
*New words: - first, second, third, fifth, ninth, twelfth, twentieth
- To worry, nervous, form, worried
B. TEACHING AIDS: Pictures, tape
*Work: - Practice how to pronoun suffix “th” in ordinal numbers.
- Practice the ordinal numbers, dates & months.
- Practice speaking about date of the month and birthday.
- Reading comprehension by asking & answering the questions (B4).
- Speaking: Ask & answer personal information.
*Operation: Exercise drill; pair work, individual work,…
Teacher’s and students’ activities Contents
I. Warm up:
− T sticks 10 cards on the board. There
are ordinal numbers behind the cards.
− Ss choose 2 cards. When 2 cards are the
same ordinal numbers. You get one mark.
− T divides class into 2 groups.
Let’s play.
II. Presentation
− T sets the scene and runs through
Pelmanism :

first second tenth fifth Third
Vocabulary :
Twelfth = 12

Twentieth = 20
Twenty – first = 21

Thirtieth = 30

Thirty – first = 31

Vu Hong Tham - English 7 teaching Plan
Week: 4 Period: 10 P: 7/9 T: 10/9
Hung Dao secondary school

2013 - 2014
III. Practice
− Ss listen and write the dates then
compare with your partner.
Ss listen again and write on the board.
− Look at the months in the box P.24
(B2). Order them from first to twelfth and
write on the board.
− T gets feed back.
- T models the words, conducts
repetition(chorally, individually),
-T writes the words on the board.
T presents word by word.
- Ss follow the teacher.
+ Whole class work
− Ss listen again and answer the
questions B 4 P.25.
− T gets feed back.
IV. Production:
- Ss write about themselves using given
- SS work individually to write about
Suggested writing :
I’m Lan. I’m thirteen years old now. And I
will be fourteen on my next birthday- July
. I live with my parents and my brother
at 16 Le Loi street.
V. Homework
- Learn by heart new structures
- Do in workbook.
B 2 P.24.
*Answer key + Tape script
The first of July
The nineteenth
The six
The fourteenth
The seventeenth
The thirty first.
B3. Matching: Months of the year.
January tháng 10
February 7
March 5
April 8
May 1
June 4
July 9
August 2
September 6
B4 P.25
Vocabulary :
- A date of birth / birthday: Ngày, tháng sinh
- (to) worry: ['wʌri] lo lắng (Explanation)
 worried ['wʌrid](adj.) : lo lắng
- nervous ['nə:vəs] (adj.): lo lắng (situation)
Comprehension questions: (answer key).
a. Hoa is 13
b. She’ll be 14 on her next birth day.
c. June eighth.
d. She lives with her uncle and aunt.
e. Because she doesn’t have any friends.
f. I’ll be (14) on my next birth day.
g. I live with my (parents).
h. My address is (12 Binh Lap – PT ).
Write - it - up
Write about you using the questions below
1. What’s your name?
2. How old are you now? “
3. How old will you be on your next birthday?
4. Who do you live with?
5. What’s your address?
Vu Hong Tham - English 7 teaching Plan
Hung Dao secondary school

2013 - 2014
Vu Hong Tham - English 7 teaching Plan

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