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Name:……………….. TEST 45’ 1
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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1 A. brings B. leaves C. coughs D. days
2 A. special B. pressure C. ocean D. decision
3 A. chores B. school C. teacher D. chopstick
4 A. stopped B. laughed C. talked D. wanted
5 A. parents B. caring C . frankly D. Paris
II. Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest.
6 A. yesterday B. applicant C. employment D. uniform
7 A. deforestation B. endangerment C. priority D. rhinoceros
8 A. parrot B. reserve C. vertical D. master
III. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentence .
9 They have just released a new record called ‘Starlight’, ________ you must buy.
A. who B. what C. that D. which
10 / if / there / happen / earth / no / what / plants.
A. What will happen if there are no plants on earth?
B. What would happen if there were no plants on earth?
C. What would happen if there are no plants on earth?
D. What happened if there were no plants on earth?
11 Don’t blame him for this; I am responsible ________ what has happened.
A. with B. for C. to D. by
12 He isn't independent ____ any means .He depends ____ his father _____ everything.
A. by / on / in B. for / on / in C. of / in / for D. on / in / with
13 I’m a ____ player than she is.
A. better B. good C. well D. best
14 If I were offered the job, I think I ________ it.
A. take B. will take C. would take D. would have taken.
15 You can never rely ________ him to be punctual.
A. of B. with C. at D. on
16 I can't find my umbrella .I _____ it is the restaurant last night.
A. must have left B. had left C. left D. might leave
17 What __________ when I saw you yesterday?
A. did you do B. you did C. you are doing D. were you doing
18 The prisoner ______ to have escaped by climbing over a wall.
A. thought B. is thought C. is think D. has thought
19 Nobody in this team plays ____ Tom.
A. as good as B. so well as C. as best as D. B & C are correct
20 time time I will examine you on the work you have done.
A. From – to B. At – to C. In – to D. With - to
21 If I go shopping, I _______ some food.
A. buy B. will buy C. would buy D. would have bought.
22 I have not seen her for 2 months.
A. It’s 2 months since I last saw her. B. It’s 2 months after I last saw her.
C. It’s 2 months before I last saw her. D. It’s 2 months when I last saw her.
23 Mom ____________ to Nha Trang .
A. has ever gone B. has never gone C. has never been D. has never got
24 When I see Barbara in the street, she always ______ at me.
A. was smilingB. smiled C. has smiled D. smiles
25 – Katy: “Should we use solar energy to protect the environment?” - Janet: “_______________”
A. No, thanks B. You don’t think so, do you? C. Yes, I’ll go D. That’s a good idea.
IV. Choose the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct by circling
letter A, B, C, or D .
26 Our parents (A) arrived next Wednesday. I’m sure we (B) will receive a lot (C) of presents (D) from them.
27 Mrs. Alien was concerned (A) about (B) me having to drive (C) so far (D) every day.
28 Mr Green (A) has taught English this school (B) since he (C) graduates from the university (D) in 1986.
29 (A) At 7 yesterday (B) morning when I (C) arrive at his house, he (D) was still sleeping .
30 (A) The company did not (B) want to hire a man (C) that experiment was (D) so limited.
V. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to compete the passage .
It's quite rare to meet teenagers who don't like sports. When you are young, you know ___(31)____ important
it is to do physical exercise if you want to be healthy and strong, and for that reason you often ____(32)___ just one
sport with so much enthusiasm that in the end you can't live without it. The problem is, though, that as you grow up
you have less and less spare time. At your age, you have to study harder if you want to get good marks to go to
university, with perhaps only one afternoon a week to do any sport. This ____(33)____ just when you are at the best
age for many sports, such as gymnastics and swimming. By the time you finish all your studies you will probably be
too old to be really good at sports like those, but if you spend ___ (34) ___ time on training while you are young, then
one day you will ___(35) ___ that you are very good at your sport but too old to study, and you will find it impossible
to get a good job. Somehow, it doesn't seem fair.
31 A. what B. which C. how D. when
32 A. concentrate on B. base on C. depend on D. come on
33 A. happens B. stops C. begins D. arrives
34 A. quite B. too C. so D. enough
35 A. feel B. find C. see D. believe
VI. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.
Like schools in Britain and other English speaking countries, those in the U.S have also always stressed
“character” or “social skills” through extracular activities, including organized sports. Because most schools start at
around 8 o’clock every morning and classes often do not finish until 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon, such activities
mean that many students do not return home until the early evening. There is usually a very broad range of
extracurricular activities available. Most schools, for instance, publish their own student newspapers, and some have
their own radio stations. Almost all have student orchestras, bands, and choirs.
Many different spots are also available and most schools share their facilities – swimming pools, tennis courts,
tracks, and stadiums – with the public. Often the students themselves organize and support school activities and raise
money through car washes, baby – sitting, or by mowing lawns. Parents and local business often also help a group
that, for example, has a chance to go to a state music competition, to compete in some sports championship, or take a
camping trip. Such activities not only give pupils a chance to be together outside of normal classes, they also help
develop a feeling of “school spirit” among the students and in the community.
36 How many hours a day do the children stay at school?
A. two B. five C. eight D. twelve
37 ___________ is mentioned as an extracurricular school activity.
A. Watching TV B. singing in a choir C. Helping old people D. Selling lottery tickets
38 ___________ is mentioned in the text as one of the school sport facilities.
A. Flying the kites B. Tug-of-war C. Playground D. Stadiums
39 ___________ is one of the activities the students often do to raise money.
A. Looking after a baby B. Repairing C. Selling newspapers D. Selling lawn movers
40 _________ is not one of the activities which parents and local business often help the students.
A. Having a camping trip. B. Playing in the sport competition
C. Working in a TV station D. Performing at a state music competition.

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