Viết lại câu Tiếng Anh(Sentence Transformation)

Sentence Transformation
Classic Sentences
*Simon hadn’t expected that he would feel so weak after the operation.
The operation left Simon feeling weaker than he had expected.…
*People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used to.
The smoking of cigarettes is no longer popular as it used to be.
*We’ve been thinking of the matter over and over and have finally come to an
We’ve given the matter a lot of thoughts.
*I can remember an equally mysterious incident.
I can remember an incident just as mysterious as this.
*Mosquitoes cause malaria and this is well known.
That’s mosquitoes cause malaria is well known.
*We were no more surprised than Jane.
We were all surprised.
*There was no precedent for the King’s resignation.
Never before had a/any/the King resigned.
*A house in that district will cost you at least $100.000.
You won’t be able to buy a house in that district for less than $100.000.
*Alan worked too hard at the office, and this led to his illness.
Alan’s illness was the result of his hard working.
*We must continue our efforts, whether there are problems or not.
Regardless of whatever problems, we must continue our efforts.
*In the event of nuclear weapons being used, we are all doomed.
If it should happen that nuclear weapons are used, we are all doomed.
*The lecture bore me to tears.
I am very bored with this lecture.
*That rumour about the politician and the construction contract is absolutely false.
There is an absolute false / no truth in that rumour about the politician and the
*How could I help, except to offer to lend her some money.
Other than to offer to lend her some money, how could I help.
*The government grants will be cut to postgraduate research students, aren’t they.
Government grants will be cut to postgraduate research students.
Compiled & Corrected by
Mr.NguyÔn TuÊn Anh
*I am terribly sorry I thought you were a friend of Anna’s.
I took you for a friend of Anna’s.
*There weren’t nearly as many people there as I had expected.
There were far fewer people than I had expected.
*They had to wait for 12 hours before their flight left.
Only after a 12 hour wait did their flight leave.
*They were just as good as we had expected.
They certainly lived up to our expectation.
*Storm grows over long hair in school.
Parents and pupils are protesting against the headmaster the decision to send
pupils with long hair home.
*She didn’t inherit anything under her uncle’s will.
Her uncle didn’t leave her anything in his will.
* “That’s a lovely new dress, Jean” said his mother.
Jean’s mother complimented her on her lovely new dress.
*We couldn’t find George anywhere.
George was nowhere to be found/impossible to find.
*Customs officials are stopping more travellers than usual this week.
An increased number of travellers are being stopped by customs officials this
*My boyfriend is very short tempered.
My boyfriend loses his temper very easily.
*Although he was not guilty they executed him.
In spite of being innocent / his innocence / not being guilty,he was executed.
*We may not be able to give the concert.
The concert may have to be cancelled.
*The chances are a hundred to one against you.
It’s most difficult for you to get the chances.
*My protests were ignored.
Nobody took notice of my protests.
*The instructions say you just add boiling water to the soup powder.
The soup powder just needs boiling water added to it according to the instruction.
*Are they likely to past Proficiency.
Is there any likelihood / possibility of their passing Proficiency.
*Nobody is more anxious to help you than your mother.
Compiled & Corrected by
Mr.NguyÔn TuÊn Anh
Your mother is more anxious to help you than anybody.
*The Presidental visit attracted such an enermous crowd that all traffic came to a
So many people turned out to see the president so that all traffic came to a
*It took a long time for them to decide to get married.
They eventually decided to get married / decided to get married after a long time.
*I thought it would be better than that.
It’s not as good as I had thought.
*David is a friend of his.He was getting worried too.
Being a friend of his, David was getting worried too.
*It’s time someone woke up him.
He is at the right time to be woken up.
*As he rose to speak, the crowd began cheering .
The cheering from the crowd began as he rose to speak.
*It’s your duty to obey orders.
You are supposed to obey orders.
*There is someone at the door.Perhaps it’s Peter.
It might be Peter at the door.
*She has two children.
She is a woman of two children.
*I’m sorry.I didn’t break the vase.
It wasn’t me that broke the vase.
*It’s unusual for Ann to get angry with her husband.
Ann hardly ever loses her temper with her husband.
*There is no milk left.
We have run out of mil k.
*This is his first visit to England.
He is the man visiting England for the first time.
*He came to visit me.He brought his cousin with him.
He came to visit me bringing his cousin.
*The unemployment rate has risen slowly over the last six months.
There has been a slow rise in the unemployment rate over tha last six months.
*His behaviour annoyed me.
I found her his behaviour annoying.
Compiled & Corrected by
Mr.NguyÔn TuÊn Anh
*During the history period, the pupils were listening to the teacher attentively.
While the pupils were learning, they were listening to the teacher attentively.
*I was impressed by the performance of that young singer.
The performance of that young singer made an impression on me.
*Nothing but a full bonus would satisfy the employees.
The employees insisted on being given a full bonus.
*I were never shown how to operate that machine.
At no time was I ever shown how to operate that machine.
*We have no definite plans to go away.
We are not definitely planning to go away.
*I had to finish the accounts and write several letters as well.
I had to finish the accounts in addition to writing several letters as well.
*Everyone was exhausted aparted from Shally.
With the exception of Shally, everyone was exhausted.
*She liked Paris very little, and Rome less.
She thought Rome was even worse than Paris.
*This pudding can be cooked in its tin.
You don’t have to take this pudding out of iss tin to cook.
*Temperature is measured by a thermometer.
A thermometer is something which is used for measuring temperature.
*I’d like to visit India more than any other country in the world.
India is the country I’d like to visit most.
*“When is the first day of your holiday, Peter?” Martha asked.
Martha asked Peter when the first day of his holiday began.
*He never has enoug money.
He’s always short of money/hard up/broke.
*I don’t know anything about aeronautics.
I am utterl/totally ignorant of aeronautics.
*The students’ riotous(ån µo, hçn lo¹n) behaviour should have been severely
The students deserved(xug dag) severe punishment/to be severely punished for
their riotous behaviour.
*The chances are that the whole thing will have been forgotten by next term.
In all probability/likelihood the whole thing will have been forgotten.
Compiled & Corrected by
Mr.Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
*Im sure he took your briefcase by mistake.
Im sure he didnt take your briefcase deliberately(có tính toán, chủ tâm).
*You pay $20 a month for a period of one year.
You pay in twelve successive(liên tục, kế tiếp) monthly instalment(phần trả mỗi lần).
*The truth only came out on the publication of the generals personal diaries.
Only when the generals personal diaries were published did the truth come out.
*Oil was slowly coating(phủ, bọc) the edbe of the shore.
The edge of the shore was becoming coated with oil.
*My boyfriend is very short-tempered.
My boyfriend loses his temper very easily.
*The house seemed to have been unoccupied for several months.
It looked as though the house had been unoccupied for several months.
*The new machines have put an end to queuing.
Before these machines were invented people had to queue(xếp hàng).
*He was so tired he felt asleep before the end of the film.
He was too tired to stay awake until the end of the film.
The fate(số phận) of the two climbers is unknown.
It is a mystery as to what (has) happended to the two climbers.
*If she hadnt insisted on kissing everyone goodbye she would have caught the train.
If it hadnt been for her insistence/insisting on kissing everyone goodbye.
*My parents find fault with everything I do.
No matter what I do, my parents find fault with me.
*I am absolutely sure he took the money on purpose.
He couldnt possibly have taken the money by mistake.
*Winning the crossword competition made him extremely happy.
He was absolutely thrilled/delighted to have won the crossword competition.
*Thanks to his aunts legacy of $10.000 he was able to buy the house he wanted.
Had his aunt no died and left/given him a legacy of $10.000, he would not have
been able to buy.
*Its nobody fault that the meeting was cancelled.

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