giáo án tiếng anh 7

Week 1
Period 1
Planning date: 4/9/2006
Teaching date: 6/9/2006
By the of the lesson, students will be able to talk about some topic they have
learned in English 6
Through speaking activities, teacher help student to review the simple
present, present continuous, and future tense.
II. Language content:
Grammar: simple present, present continuous, and future tense.
III. Techniques: Groupwork, pair work.
IV. Teaching aids: flipcharts
V. Time: 45'
VI. Procedures:
Teacher and students' activities Content
1.Warm up :
Nought and crosses:
- Dive the class into teams.
- Draw a nine square grid on the
board ( numbered from 1 to 9)
- The team will take turn to choose
the number and make a question
and answer using the words in the
square. If their answer is correct,
put a X or O in that box.
- The first team that has thee Xs or
three Os in a line on the grid wins
the game.
2. Activity 1:
- Ask class to work in groups of
four to talk about the the topic they
- Give sts some pieces of paper to
choose the topic.
- give feedback.
- Ask sts what tenses they use
during their conversations.
1. Speaking :
topic 1: greet your partners and
introduce yourself then tell your
everyday routines.
topic 2: describe your house and
home then tell what your family
member doing.
topic 3: identify parts of body then tell
how you feel and what your favorite
food and drink
topic 4: talk about the weather and
Tran Thi Hoa Ly
Week 1
Period 1
Planning date: 4/9/2006
Teaching date: 6/9/2006
3.Activity 2:
- Review simple present tense.
- Get sts to make some sentences
using simple present tense.
- Have sts do exercise.
4. Activity 3 :
- Have sts give examples of present
of continuous tense.
- Remind its form and usage.
- Give exercise.
- Ask sts to do the exercise
- Have sts cross check.
- Feedback.
- Remind some adverbs that often
go with this tense: now, at present,
at the moment.
5. Activity 4:
- Review future. Focus on: It is use
to express an intention.
- Ask sts work in pairs to do the
- Give exercise.
- Check and feedback.
your fee time plans.
2. Present simple tense:
a. I go to school in the morning.
b. She doesn't play tennis after school
c. Do you play sports?
* Change the following sentences
into negative and interogative:
a. She is a pupil.
b. Nam plays soccer.
c. They do their homework every
d. Mai listen to music after school.
e. We watch T.V.
3. Present continuous tense:
Ex: We are learning English now
She is watching TV
Are they skipping?
* Rewrite these sentenses using the
present continous tense:
a.We watch a film on T.V
We are watching a film on T.V.
b.She goes to school.
c.Nam plays mables.
d.Ilisten to the radio.
e.He reads.
f.Does he watch his face?
4. Near future : Be going to.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to visit Hue.
* Complete these sentences using the
future form:
A: You(stay) in a hotel?
B: No I(stay) in a friend's house.
A: What he (do) this summer?
Tran Thi Hoa Ly
Week 1
Period 1
Planning date: 4/9/2006
Teaching date: 6/9/2006
6. Consolidation
- Have sts do some exercises to
remind tenses.
7. Homework:
- Remember the tense.
- Prepare A1.
B: He (visit) Hanoi.
A: They(listen) to music?
B: No, they (watch) T.V.
5. Complete the passage with correct
form of verb:
a. My friend like soccer. They it
every Thursday.They (play) soccer
b. You (skip) everyday? Hoa and Mai
(skip) in the garden. Come with
me to join them.
c. Where is Huong? She (do)
aerobics in the gym. She always
(do) aerobics in the morning.
d. What you (do) tonight?
I (do) my homework.
VII. Mark/ Remark:
Tran Thi Hoa Ly

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