English 8 Unit 8 WRITE

Unit 8: Country life and city life
Period 47: Write

Put the outline for an
informal letter in the
correct order.
a….. Opening
b….. Date
c…… Closing
d….. Heading
e….. Writer…s address
f…… Body of letter
1. Heading
* Writer’s address
* Date
2. Opening
3. Body of letter

Answer the questions
1, Where do you live? -> .
2, What does your house look like? ->.

3,What can you see from your bedroom window? ->

4, How far is it from your house to school?->

What kind of facilities are there in your neighborhood? ->

, What things in your neighborhood do you like best? Why? ->
I live in a small town/ a village/ big city
My house looks very nice/
small with 4/5 rooms and a nice / big garden
From my
bedroom window, I can see a small park with many green trees, and colorful
It’s far from my home
so I have to ride my bike / It’s very near so I can walk.
There is
a park / a swimming pool/ some restaurants/ a library/ a post office..
I like the park best because I can walk with my sister after dinner / every
morning / I like the library best because I can read many interesting books

DienBan- Quang Nam
November 2009
Dear, Mary
I live in a…, a small village. My family has a large house with
four rooms and a small garden. I like my house and my bedroom, too.
From my bedroom window I can see a big field with green trees, a lot
of beautiful flowers. I don…t live far from my school so I can walk
with my friends.
In my neighborhood, there is a big pond. In the afternoon, my friends
and I often go swimming there. We usually ride buffaloes and cows
along it. But the things we like best is to play some games such as:
blindman …s bluff, soccer, marbles….with the children in the village.
Is there any interesting thing in the place where you live? Write to
me. I…d like to
say goodbye now. I…m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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