unit 12-tieng anh 11

Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh Lesson Plan-Reading-Unit 12
Reading Skill
1. Objectives:
- Skill: After the lesson, Ss will be able to develop such reading skills as skimming for
main ideas, scanning for specific information, guessing meaning in context, and
- Language: Ss will be able to build a wider range of vocabularies related to the topic to
make their own report about the development of such popular games.
2. Assumed knowledge:
Students have already known some basic vocabulary items and have had some
background knowledge of the Asian Games.
3. Teaching aids:
Textbook, blackboard, chalk, handouts.
4. Procedure:
4.1. Settlement: Check Ss’ attendance (2m)
4.2. Lecture (41 m)
Time Teacher’s activities Students’ activities
5m Warm-up: Game
- Divides the class into 4 groups.
- Get Ss to look at 7 pictures of different kinds
of sports (soccer, karate do, tennis, fencing,
boxing, weight lifting, basketball) on the board
and get them to name these sports and each
group will send a person to write down the
answers on the board. The group who are
quickest and have the most correct answers will
- Listen to the instruction
- Play the game in groups
- Write down the answer on
the board.
- Correct the answer.
Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh Lesson Plan-Reading-Unit 12
be the winner.
- Checks the answers and gives explanation if
there is any new word.
- Leads to the lesson
8m Pre-reading:
- Gives each student a piece of paper containing
some sentences and gets Ss to read individually
the sentences which contain the new words in
the passage and guess the meaning of the new
- There are 8 words: effort, to advance, to
appreciate, facility, enthusiasm, aquatic,
intercultural, solidarity.
- Correct the answer, asks for Ss’ explanation.
- Presents some more new words and teach
- Listen to the instruction.
- Do the exercise
- Correct the answer.
- Pronounce new words.
* Task 1:
- Ask Ss to do task 1 individually in 3 m and
then discuss their answers in pairs.
- Calls some Ss to check and to translate
- Corrects answers and explains.
1. facility 2. aquatic 3. enthusiasm
4. effort 5. advancing 6. appreciated
* Task 2:
- Asks Ss to listen to the tape containing the
reading passage.
- Listen to the instruction.
- Do the task individually.
- Discuss in pairs.
- Write down the answer on
the board or read the
answers out loud.
- Correct the answers.
Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh Lesson Plan-Reading-Unit 12
- Gets Ss to do task 2 individually, and then
discuss the answers among the groups.
- Calls 4 Ss of 4 groups to the board and writes
down the answer. (each one is just responsible
for one event)
- Checks the answers.
1. 1951
2. the 2
Asian Games in Manila, the
3. 1958
4. Squash, rugby, fencing and mountain biking
5. 2002
* Task 3:
- Gets Ss to read through 3 questions and
underline the key words, such as purpose, how
many participants, 14
Asian games, etc.
- Asks them to scan the passage again, notice the
key words’ position, and locate the necessary
information for each question and to try to
answer the 3 questions individually. Then, Ss
compare your answers in pairs
- Calls 3 pairs to present your answers (one
student asks, one answer)
1. The purpose is to develop intercultural
knowledge and friendship within Asia
2. 9,919 (from 44 countries)
3. Bodybuilding, billiard and women’s karatedo.
Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh Lesson Plan-Reading-Unit 12
Activity : summarizing
- Work in the groups of four for 3 minutes to
report the development of the Asian Games
based on the year and events.
- Calls about 2 Ss to give presentation on what
they have discussed.
- Listen to the instruction.
- Discuss in groups.
- Give presentation and
4.3. Consolidation: - Asks Ss to learn by heart all of the new words and the main ideas,
and to prepare for Part B – Speaking

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