đề kiểm tra học kì 2 tiếng anh 9

A.Ch oose the work whose stress pattern is not the same as that of the other three:
1. A.earthquake B.destroy C.abrupt D.expect
2.A.compose B.descibe C.Easter D. Occur
B.Choose the word underlined part is pronounced diferently from that of the oth er three :
1. A. ch arity B. Champion C.champagne D. Chopstick
2A.wicked B.beloved C.interested D.looked
II.Choose the best answers to complete the sentence:
1.When tropical storm reaches 120 kikometers per hour, it is called a__________in
1A.cyclone B.hurricane C. tornado D.typhoon
2.Many people were injure when the building ______________
A.collapsed B. struck C.destroyed D.occurred
3.I didn’t use the Internet very often ___________I don’t have much time
A.so B.although C.because D.and
4.The water pipes ____________by the typhoon
A.may damageB.damage C.madaged D.may be damaged
5.The woman and animals __________you saw on TV were from China
A.that B.which C.whom D.who
6.Father’s Day _________a nation holiday in American since 1972
A.is B.was C.has been D.will be
7.Do you usually give each other present or greetings cards _________Christmas?
A.in B.at C.since D.on
8.We arrive_________the morning of the sixth
A.in B.at C.for D.on
III.Use the correct form of the words in parentheses:
1.Such a war would be __________for the country.(disaster)(disastrous)
2.We’re having a party in the garden, so I hope it’ll not be too _________(sun)(sunny)
3.These hills were formed by volcanic_________(erupt)(eruption)
4.He is always very __________toward her colleagues.(consider)(considerate)
IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase that need correcting:
1.He is generously man. He is well-known for his generosity.(A,B,C orD)
2.The book on physics I bought yesterday is a very intered one.(A,B,C orD)
3.Despite of heavy rain, my father has to go to work.(A,B,C orD)
4.He suggests grandfather should having some ginger tea.(A,B,C orD)
V.Read the passage carefully, then decide if the following sentences are True or False:
Christmas is the biggest festival of the year in most of Britain. Celebrations start
properly on December 24, Christmas Eve, although there have been serveral weeks of
preparation beforehand. The Christmas tree and all the presents, food, drinks, and
decorations have been bought . Christmas card have already been sent to friends and
relations. About a week before Christmas, people usually put up their decorations and
decorate the Christmas tree with lights, various colored decorations and angel on the top.
Father presents are usually put under the tree.
Christmas Day is the biggest day of the holiday. On the Christmas morning (often
very early), children open the presents that are in their socks. Some families go to the
church. The traditional Christmas dinner consists of roast turkey with potatoes and various
other vegetable . Before the dinner people usually pull crackers-small rolls of paper that
have gifts, jokes, and parties hats inside.
1.People usually decorate the Christmas tree several weeks before Christmas.F
2.The most important day of the holiday is on December 24
3.The tradition Christmas dinner consist roast turkey with tomatoes and vaious other
4.Crackers and Christmas cards that have already been sent to friends and relations.F
VI.Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentences printed
before them.
1.He doesn’t like big cities, but he’s moving to London next month.
2 .The animal is the buffalo. It was chosen to be the logo of SEA
->The animal______________________________________________
3.The door was too heavy for the child to push open.
->It was_______________________________________
4. When did you start studying English?
->How long_____________________________

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