Sở gd- đt thái bình
Trờng thpt chu văn an đề thi thử đại học lần thứ I , năm 2007
đề chính thức môn thi : tiếng anh , KHốI d
( Đề thi có 4 trang ) ( Thời gian : 90 phút )
( Học sinh làm bài ra phiếu trắc nghiệm )
I./ Chọn từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết có vị trí khác các từ còn lại
1. A. subject B. passion C. fifteen D. district
2. A. disabled B. primary C. province D. children
3. A. condition B. immediate C. gradually D. profession
4. A. explain B sorrow C. attend D. pronounce
5. A. exhibit B. amateur C. physical D. everything
6. A. exhibition B. stimulate C. occupation D. information
7. A. business B. mentally C. ambulance D. employee
8. A. peasant B. dinner C. children D. routine
II./ Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau
9. Her parents never......her to go out after 8.00
A. made ` B. let C. allowed D. agree
10. He never does fishing in winter .....
A. doesnt he B. isnt he C. does he D. hasnt he
11. They didnt have enough .....in their suitcase for all the things they had bought on holidays
A. room B. place C. size D. area
12. The meeting will be ......to discuss the matter further
A. run B. had C. held D. occurred
13. If you want to save money , you must ......the entertaining you do
A. cut down of B. put up with C. run out of D. get rit of
14. He was deaf to everything .....than what he wanted to hear
A. apart B. other C. else D. expect
15. Will the government be able to .....all their difficulties ?
A. defeat B. overcome C. dismiss D. overtake
16. Many buildings which are currently in disuse could be .....to other purposes
A. chaged B. employed C. used D. put
17. We had so many problems with the car that .....we sold it and bought a new car
A. in the end B. at the end C. by the end D. to the end
18. Please write out the answer to the question at the end of ....
A. eighth chapter. B. eight chapter C. chapter eight D. chapter the eight
19. Nobody is ready to go , .....
A, are they B. is he C. arent they D. isnt he
20. When the water comes to the ...., put the vegetables in
A. boil B. cook C. steam D. heat
21. After a meal in a restaurant ,you ask the waiter for the ....
A. menu B. recipe C. receipt D. bill
22. The ex-champion so hit so hard that it took him five minutes to ....
A. come in B. come on C. come round D. come over
23. I would hate to see our family business .....by a multi-national company
A. taken around B. taken over C. taken under D. taken up
24. The North-West of Scotland is .....and there are a lot of lakes
A. country B. woody C. hills D. mountainous
25. Sometimes Im so hungy in the middle of the night .....I eat a whole packet of biscuits
A. and B. that C. so D. than
26. .....you were all sitting at your desks working hard , we were sitting on the plane bound for Paris
A. despite B. as soon as C. while ``` D. whenever
27. After a three-hour - search , the missing ....girl was found alive and well at a friends house
A. ten year. B. ten- years- old C. ten- year - old D. ten- years -old
28. I want you to ....these intructions exactly
A. take up B. put out C. carry out D. fill in
29. You need more exercise; you should .....golf
A. take up B. take in C. carry on D. carry out
30. I keep..... the decision because I cant make up my mind
A. putting up B. putting down C. putting on D. putting off
III./ Mỗi câu sau có 1 lỗi sai , em hãy tìm từ mỗi phần A,B,C, hoặc D
31. Revising a paper will be much easier using a word processor
32. Singing , in some way , a song is similar to the reciting of a poem
33. The artist tried stimulate interrest in painting by taking his students to the museums
34. While they were away at the beach , they allowed their neighbours use their barbecue grill
35. Today was such beautiful day that I couldnt bring myself to complete all my chores
36. Yesterday he went to a hair salon to cut his hair
37. Although salmons live in salt water , but they lay their eggs and die in fresh water
38. They are planning on attending the convention next month , and so I am
39. She wishes that we didnt send her the candy yesterday because she is on a diet
40. The president refuses to accept either of the four new proposals made by the contractors
IV./ Chọn phơng án ( A,B,C hoặc D ) ứng với câu có nghĩa gần nhất với mỗi câu cho sẵn sau đây:
41. You should peel and chop the onion and then fry it
A. The onion should be peeled and chopped and then fried
B. The onion should be fried , peeled and chopped
C. The onion is peeled and chopped and fried
D. The onion was peeled , chopped and fried
42. When you clean the machine, turn off the mains supply first
A. After you clean the machine, dont forget to turn off the mains suplly
B. Before cleaning the machine , turn off the mains supply
C. You turn off the mains supply after you clean the machine
D. You should clean the machine when you turn off the mains supply
43. Jane suggested buying a food processor
A. Jane suggested them to buy a food processor
B. Jane suggested that they will buy a food processor
C. Why dont you buy a food processor? said Jane
D. Jane suggested to buy a food processor
44. Noone has been to collect the rubbish this weekend
A. The rubbish have not been collected this weekend
B. The rubbish has been collected this weekend
C. The rubbish has not been collected this weekend
D. The rubbish is not collected this weekend
45. My parents wanted me to go to university but I didnt fancy it
A. My parents wanted to go to university but I didnt fancy it
B. I didnt fancy going to university as my parents did
C. I didnt fancy going to university although my parents wanted me to go
D. I hardly fancied going to university but for my parents wish
46. Our garden was badly damaged in last weeks storm
A. Last week the garden has been damaged
B. Last weeks storm badly damaged our garden
C. The storm has damaged our garden badly
D. The storm was damaged our garden last week
47. I went to school with Madeline when we lived near each other
A. I used to go to school with Madeline when we lived near each other
B. Madeline and I lived near the school
C. I went to school nearby with Madeline
D. Madelines school was near mine and we lived with each other
48. The PC is undenibly the best tool for job
A. Noone can deny that the PC is the best tool for the job
B. The PC is not the best tool for the job
C. They deny that the PC is the best tool for the job
D. The PC could be the best tool for the job
49. Sales of snack-sized pizzas have increased this year
A. They increased the sales of snack-sized pizzas this year
B. There is an increase in sales of snack-sized pizzas this year
C. They had increased the sales of snack-sized pizzas this year
D. There has been an increase in sales of snack-sized pizzas this year
50. He prefers typing to writing by hand
A. He doesnt like to write by hand at all
B. He likes typing better
C. Hed rather type than write by hand
D. He doesnt like typing
V./ Hãy chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau:
As far back as 700 B.C , man has talked about children being cared for by wolves. Romulus
and Remus , the legendary twins founders of Rome , were puported to have been cared for by wolves. It
is believed that when a she -wolf loses her litter, she seeks a human child to take its place
This seemingly prepostrous idea did not become credble until the late nineteen century when a
French doctor actually found a naked ten-year-old boy wandering in the woods. He didnt walk erect,
could not speak intelligibly , nor could he relate to people . He only glowled and stared at them. Finaly
the doctor won the boys confidence and began to work with him. After many long years of devoted and
patient instruction, the doctor was able to get the boy to clothe and feed himself, recognise and utter a
number of words, as well as wirte letters and form words.
51. The French doctor found the boy
A.wandering in the woods B. at his doorstep
C. glowling at him D. speaking intelligbly
52. In this passage, the word litter most nearly means :
A.garbage B.master C. offspring D. hair
53. The doctor was able to work with the boy because
A.the boy was highly intelligent B. the boy trusted him
C. the boy liked to dress up D. the boy was dedicated and patient
54. Which of the following statement is not true?
A. She-wolves have been said to substitute human chilren for their lost litters
B. Examples of wolves caring for human chilren can be found only in 19
C. The French doctor succeeded in domesticating the boy somewhat
D. The young boy never was able to speak perfectly
55. Inthis passage, the word preposterous most nearly means:
A.dedicated B. scientific C wonderful D. absurd
VI./ Hãy chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau:
Some years ago, my daughter was studying English at a university on the south coast. One
evening she phoned to tell me that what she really wanted to do was ...56)......round the world, so she
was looking ...57)..........the possibility of working in another country. She had seen several .58).......in
the newspaper for student teachers of English abroad, and she was...59)...........in one in Italy, which she
was desperate to visit. She decided that this would be a good...60)........to achieve her ambition, so she
was writing to ..61)....... for the job . The reply ..62).......a long time to arrive , but eventually she
received a letter asking if she .63)........go for an interview in L ondon the following week.She was so
excited that she immediately...64).........in touch with the school onwer and agreed to attend the
interview. She was determined that nothing would prevent her ..65)......doing what she had set out to do .
A ..66)...... days before the interview she had a very strange dream in which she ..67)......birth to a
beautiful baby. She was a little nervous and....68)......about the dream and phoned to ask me what I
thought it might ...69)...........As I knew something about dreams, I was able to assure her that it only
symbolized her .....70)..........to do well in the interview.
56. A. journey B. travel C. voyage D. trip
57. A. up B. over C. into D. round
58. A. notices B. posters C. advertisements D. announcements
59. A. interested B. keen C. attracted D. enthusiastic
60. A. path B. route C. manner D. way
61. A. claim B. inquire C. request D. apply
62. A. was B. took C. spent D. passed
63. A. should B. would C. must D. will
64. A. got B. came C. went D. became
65. A. of B. from C. in D. about
66. A. some B. several C. few D. little
67. A. made B. had C. gave D. produced
68. A. bored B. worried C. offended D. annoyed
69. A. intend B. mean C. interpret D. realize
70. A. desire B. request C. want D. demand

The end.
®¸p ¸n
®Ò thi thö ®¹i häc lÇn thø I , n¨m 2007
m«n thi : tiÕng anh
C©u §¸p ¸n C©u §¸p ¸n C©u §¸p ¸n
1 C 26 C 51 A
2 A 27 C 52 C
3 C 28 C 53 B
4 B 29 A 54 B
5 A 30 D 55 D
6 B 31 D 56 B
7 D 32 A 57 C
8 D 33 A 58 C
9 C 34 D 59 A
10 C 35 A 60 D
11 A 36 D 61 D
12 C 37 B 62 B
13 A 38 D 63 B
14 B 39 A 64 A
15 B 40 B 65 B
16 D 41 A 66 C
17 A 42 B 67 C
18 C 43 C 68 B
19 A 44 C 69 B
20 A 45 C 70. A.
21 D 46 B
22 C 47 A
23 B 48 A
24 D 49 D
25 B 50 C

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