Anh 6 tiet 55

Lesson 1. A. Part of the body Period 55
( A1, A2 )
I. Objective :
* Identifying parts of the body.
II. Language contents :
* Vocabulary:
head shoulder arm hand finger chest
thigh [θai] leg foot – feet toe
* Structure:
Review the structure :
What is that? - That is his head.
What are those? - Those are his shoulders.
III. Techniques:
Role play Questions- answers Guessing
V. Teaching aids:I
Role play cards pictures cassette recorder + tape
V. Teaching steps:
Teacher’s & Ss’ activities Content
* Warm up:
T hangs the picture of a body on the board.Then
asks “ How many part of the body are there?”
Well, look at the picture and listen to the tape.
* Pre-listening:
Play the tape A1, shows the part of the body.
Play the tape again, Ss repeat.
- T Give the meaning of NW
- Let them repeat then write down.
-T fixes the name of each part of the body.
Ss reread all new words. Then fix the name of
each part of the body again.
* While –listening:
T shows each part of thebody and asks:
What is that? / What are those?
- Ss answer the Qs
* Post-listening:
Give the game “ Guessing game”. Use the cues.
1. It is on the top of your body. What is it?
2. They are at the end of your legs. What are
New words:
+ His head (n):
Shoulder (n):
arm (n):
chest (n):
leg (n):
3. It is between your arms. What is it?
4. They are on your hands? What are they?
* Consolidation:
Say the parts of the body again.
+ Notice “ foot – feet”
-Call Ss to show their parts and give the name of
their parts.
Learn by heart new words.
Do exercises A1, A2 (P83) Workbook.
toe (n)
foot (n):
hand (n):
S1: What are those?
S2: Those are his arms.
S1: What is that ?
S2: That is his head.
. . . . .
Guess the word:
1 head
2 Feet
3 Chest
4 Fingers

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