7 đề KT học kì II Tiếng Anh 9.

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I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the
others (2pts)
1. A. missed B. pleased C. stopped D. washed
2. A. adventure B. mature C. nature D. pleasure
3. A. great B. meat C. seat D. repeat
4. A. club B. habit C. plumber D. pub
II. Put in the correct prepositions (2pts)
1. Have you ever heard _________ UFOs?
2. Some people believe that UFO is a spacecraft _______ another planet.
3. Lang Son is ______ the Ky Cung River.
4. Hurricane Andrew swept ______ southern Florida _____ August 1992.
5. I think we should put different kinds _____ waste _____ different places.
6. If we go on wasting water, there will be a shortage _____fresh water_____a
few decades.
7. This label tells the consumers how much energy efficiency each model has,
compared _____ other appliances ______ the same category.
8. It is possible to store solar energy ______ a number _____ days.
III. Fill in each blank with one suitable word (2pts)
Thanks (1)_____ television, people can get the latest information and enjoy
interesting programs (2)______ an inexpensive and convenient way. Nowadays,
viewers can watch (3)_____ variety of local and international (4)____on different
IV. Read this passage carefully and decide whether each statement is True
(T) or False (F) (2pts)
In my opinion, the Internet is a very fast and convenient way for me to get information.
I can also communicate with my friends and relatives by means of email or chatting.
However, I don't use the Internet very often because I don't have much time. For me,
the Internet is a wonderful invention of modern life. It makes our world a small village.
In the writer's opinion,
1. He can get information from the Internet.
2. He usually uses the Internet.
3. He can talk to his friends on the Internet.
4. The world is as small as a village.
V. Transform these sentences (2pts)
1. Why don’t we collect empty bottles and cans?
2. The electricity bill doesn't cost much because of their using energy-saving
3. Unless we water these flowers, they'll die.
If _________________________________________________
4. You forgot to turn off the radio, didn't you?
You didn't___________________________________________
------------ THE END ------------
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I. Listening:
Listen to the passage and decide if the following statements are true (T) or false
(F). (2 points)
l. You should place heavy books on the bottom shelf of your bookshelves.
2. Place the rollers on the fridge and washing machine.
3. Break the mirrors in your bathroom and bedroom.
4. Put your bed a distance from a window.
5. Stay inside during an earthquake.
6. Sit on the table during an earthquake.
7. Going somewhere during an earthquake is really safe.
8. Stand in the middle of the room during an earthquake.
II. Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the
following sentences. (2.5points)
1. They made their living by _________ fish in the ocean every day.
A. to catch B. catch C. catching D. caught
2. They felt _________ when Tet was coming near.
A. excitement B. excited C. excitedly D. exciting
3. I suggest _________up the beach.
A. clean B. to clean C. cleaned D. cleaning
4. Thuy's grandmother turned the television _________ to see the weather
A. off B. up C. on D. down
5. Auld Lang Syne is a song which is sung on _________ .
A. Easter B. New Year's Day C. Christmas D. New Year's Eve
6. There is too much traffic. _________ , the air is polluted.
A. Since B. Therefore C. However D. But
7. Solar energy doesn't cause _________ .
A. pollution B. polluted C. pollute D. pollutant
8. My friend Nigel, _________works in the City Bank, earns much more
than I do.
A. whose B. that C. who D. which
9. If people _________energy, there will be no shortage of electricity.
A. save B. will save C. saving D. would save
10. The children laughed _________when they are watching a comic.
A. happily B. happy C. happiness D. unhappy
III. Write the correct form of the words in brackets. (1.5 points)
1. If it doesn't rain soon, there'll be a great ...........................of water. (short)
2. We can protect the environment: by ....................... air pollution. (reduce)
3. The price of ...................................has gone up again. (electric)
4. We'll live a happier and .............................life if we keep our environment
clean. (health)
5. She was ............................pleased that she passed the exam. (extreme)
6. He is one of the most famous .......................in the world. (environment)
IV. Read the following passage and decide if the following statements
are true (T) or false (F). (2 points)
There are many celebrations throughout the year in Viet Nam, but Tet or the
Lunar New Year is the most important celebration for Vietnamese people.
Tet usually occurs in late January or early February. A few days before Tet
is the time for people to clean and decorate their homes. During Tet, people,
old and young, enjoyed special food cooked on the occasion of Tet. It is
also the time for family members to be together.
1. The Lunar New Year is another name for Tet.
2. Tet usually begins in early January.
3. People often make their houses nice and new for Tet.
4. Tet is the time for family reunions.
V. Use the suggested words to write a speech. (2.0 points)
1. You / thought / taking / bus / school?
2. This /be / fast and comfortable way / travel / everywhere.
3. Besides / it / be / effective way / save energy.
4. So / go / school / bus / and / you / will see /difference.
------------ THE END ------------
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Listen and decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F). (2.0pts)
1. Christmas Day is one of the biggest holidays.
2. Children open the presents that were in their stockings on Christmas evening.
3. All families go to church on Christmas morning.
4. The traditional Christmas dinner consists of roast turkey with potatoes and other vegetables.
5. Christmas pudding is served after the roast turkey.
6. After the dinner people usually pull crackers.
7. The crackers are small rolls of paper that have gifts, jokes, and party hats inside.
8. People drink a small quantity of beer, wine and spirits.
Read the passage and fill in each blank with a suitable word from the box (3.0pts)
today because environment important hunting holds around more fewer resources which
surrounded A forest is a special place. In the forest, (1) _______ by tall trees, you are cut off
from the world (2) ______ you, and filled with the sights and sounds of nature. Many fairy tales
and legends are set in forests, (3) _________ have been thought to hold magic and mystery. (4)
_________ we know that these are only stories, but the forest is still a place that (5) _________
many of the world’s most valuable (6) __________. Forest has always been (7) _______ to
people. In the past, many people got food by (8) _________ forest animals and gathering wild
plants. With the advance of civilization, (9) _________ people now live in forests, but forests
are (10) _______valuable than ever. Forests have an important economic value (11) _______
they provide us with resource such as timber. Forests are vital to the (12) _______ because they
clean the air we breathe. Forests are also treasured for their beauty.
Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences.
(2.5 pts)
1. The children felt _________ when their mother was coming back home.

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