Sở GD&ĐT kontum Đề cơng ôn tập môn tiếng anh 8
Trờng THPT dtnt KonRẫy Năm học: 2006- 2007
I. Grammar:
1. Tenses: (Các thì của động từ)
- Present simple: * to be: S + is/am/are + ...
* ordinary verbs: S + V/ V(-s/-es) + ...
- Past simple: * to be: S + was/were + ...
* ordinary verbs: S + V-ed/ V2(past simple) + ...
- Present progressive: S + is/am/are + V-ing + ...
- Past progressive: S + was/were + V-ing + ...
- Present perfect: (for/ since) S + have/ has + V-ed/ V3(past participle)+...
- Future with be going to S + is/am/are + to + V(inf)...
will/ shall
- Modal verbs: S + may/might + V(infinitive)
must/ have to
ought to/ should
2. Passive: (Câu bị động)
- Present simple: S + is/am/are + V-ed/ V3(past participle) + ...
- Past simple: S + was/were + V-ed/ V3(past participle) +...
- Present perfect: S + have/ has + been + V-ed/ V3(past participle) +...
- Modal verbs: S + (modal verbs)+ be + V-ed/ V3(past participle) +...
3. (not) adjective + enough + to-infinitive (đủ... để làm ...) (Unit 1)
Ex: She is old enough to go to school.
4. Adverb of place: outside, inside, there, here, upstair,s, dowstairs (Unit 2)
5. Reflexive pronouns: myself, herself, himself, themselves, yourself, yourselves, ourselves
(Unit 3)
Ex: He did it himsefl.
6. Prepositions of time: in, on, at, after, before, between
Ex: (exercies in Unit 4)
7. Used to + V(infinitive) ... đã thờng (Unit 4)
8. Commands, requests & advice in reported speech and reported speech (lang. focus Unit
9. Gerunds: (Unit 6)
like/ dislike/ hate/ love + V-ing...
10. Comparison with like, (not) as... as, (not) the same as, different from:
(exercies in language focus - Unit 7)
11. Comparative and superlative: (so sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất)
(language focus - Unit 8)
12. In order to, so as to (language focus - Unit 9)
13. Adjectives followed by: - an infinitive
- a noun clause
(exercies 3, 4 in language focus - Unit 10)
14. Would/ Do you mind if...? Would/ Do you mind + V-ing ...?
(Unit 11)
15. Past progressive with when and while (Unit 12)
16. Indirect questions with if & whether / Question words before to-inf.
(lang.focus-Unit 14)
17. Sequence markers: first, then, next, after this and finally
(exercies in language focus - Unit 16)
II. BàI tập:
- Ôn lại các từ vựng từ Unit 1 đến Unit 16.
- Bài tập phần: Language focus từ Unit 1 đến Unit 16.
- Các loại bài tập trắc nghiệm dới đây:
1. Khoanh trũn phng ỏn ỳng nht a, b, c hoc d hon thnh nhng cõu sau:
1. He used to football when he was a kid.
a. plays b. playing c. played d. play
2. Where were you born? - I was born November 1980.
a. in b. on c. at d. of
3. People in the coutryside are
a. friend b. friendship c. friendly d. friendlist
4. I showed Nam how clothes.
a. to make b. making c. make d. made
II. Ghộp nhng t ct A vi nhng t ct B thnh cõu cú ý ngha:
1. Mount Rushmore can be seen from a. from My Son to Hoi An.
2. Angkor Wat was originally built b. 100 years ago.
3. Lan advised Mai how to advise c. more than 100 kilometers.
4. These houses were built d. for Buddhists.
III. Khoanh trũn phng ỏn a, b, c hoc d ch ra phn sai cỏc cõu sau:
1. What are you going did at weekend?
a b c d
2. It was raining while the plane got to Ha Noi.
a b c d
IV. Chọn phng ỏn a, b, c hoc d ch ra phn phát âm khác với các từ còn lại:
1. a. about b. shout c. wounded d. around
2. a. Christmas b. check c. character d. chemistry
V. Hoàn thành đoạn văn sau với các từ đã cho:
(1) increasing number of peoplelare now going (2) holiday to Egypt.
Last year, for example, about one and ahalf million tourists (3) Egypt. The population
of Egypt is about fifty million and the (4) is El Quahira (Cairo), abusy city of just under
nine million people. Although the climate is hot and dry and most of the country is desert, the
average temperature from Octorber to (5) is not too high. The (6) famous
sights are the pyramids at Giza.
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