Giáo án Anh 8- Unit 14

Unit 14 wonders of the world
Lesson 1: - getting started (P131)
Period 83: - listen and read (P131- 132)
- language focus 3 (P137)
Practice in reading to seek information.
Help Ss know how to use Question Words before To-infinitive.
Ss will be able to seek information about a language game to complete a summary and
use Question Words before To-infinitive.
C- MATERIALS: Textbook, pictures, poster, tape and cassette.
D- WAYS OF WORKING: W.C, T- Ss, T- W.C, Individual, Pairwork, Teamwork.
Steps/ Activities
Ways of
* Greetings.
* Quiz: Getting Started
- Divide the class into 2 teams.
- Show Ss some pictures of the famous world landmarks or scenic spots in
VN and ask Ss what place it is.
- The team which can give the answer first will get 1 point.
- T may give Ss some suggestions to help Ss easily recognize the places.
a. The Pyramids
b. Sydney Opera House
c. Stonehenge
II. Pre- reading.
1. Ordering.
- Set the scene: Nga, Nhi and Hoa are playing a language game called
Guessing Game. How does this game work? Put the statements in the
correct order of the game.
- Put the poster on the b.b and ask Ss to read the statements to put them in
the correct order.
How to play the Guessing Game:
1. B asks questions to find out who or what is.
2. A thinks of a famous person or place.
3. B wins if he/ she can guess the correct answer.
4. A gives B a clue.
5. B loses if he/ she can not guess the correct answer.
6. A can only answer yes or no .“ ” “ ”
T- W.C


- Call on some pairs to write their answers on the b.b.
* T explains some new words:
+ a clue: gîi ý
+ a wonder: kú quan
iii. while reading.
1. Ask Ss to open their books and read the dialogue (P131- 132) while
listening to the tape.
- Check if Ss’guesses are right or wrong.
- Have Ss copy dowm the correct order of the Guessing Game.
Answer Key:
2- 4- 1- 6- 3- 5
2. Gap Fill.
- Get Ss to read the dialogue again and use the words from the dialogue to
complete the summary (P132).
- Pair- compare.
- Give feedback and correct.
Answer Key
1. game 2. place 3. clue
4. Viet Nam 5. Americe 6. Golden
- Have Ss copy down.
3. Grammar Awareness.
- Ask Ss a VN question to elicit the target language.
Model Sentence
I don’t know how to play it.
S V question to-infinitive
- Concept checking: form and use.
Form: S + V + Question word + to- infinitive
Use: reduced form of an indirect question.
iv. post reading.
1. Language Focus 3 (P137).
- Set the scene: Nga answered Nhi’s questions. Then she gave Nhi some
additional information.
- Ask Ss to use the words to write about the information that Nga gave to
- T models:
a. Nga told Nhi how to go there.
- Get Ss to write their sentences on the b.b.
- Give feedback and correct.
Answer Key
b. Nga showed Nhi where to get tickets.
c. Nga pointed out where to buy souvernirs.
T- W.C

T- Ss
T- W.C
d. Nga advised Nhi how to go from My Son to Hoi An.
e. Nga told Nhi what to do there during the visit.
- Get Ss to copy.
V- homework.
- Learn the new form and make 3 sent.s with it.
- Prepare Unit 14- Speak + Language Focus 2.
Unit 14 wonders of the world
Lesson 2: - speak (P132- 133)
Period 84: - language focus 2 (P136)
Practice in asking and answering questions about places and how to report them.
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to make a report on famous places using
reported speech.
C- MATERIALS: Textbook, poster, pictures.
D- WAYS OF WORKING: T- Ss, W.C, T-W.C, Pairwork, Team work, Groupwork.
Steps/ Activities
Ways of
* Greetings.
* Who is fastest ?
- Inform the topic and time limit.
- Divide the class into 4 teams with 4 posters.
- Ask Ss to write about 10- 15 famous world places in 3 minutes.
- Give feedback and correct. The team which has the most famous
world places is the winner.
II. Presentation.
1. Pre- teach: Matching
- Put a poster with the statements on the b.b.
- Ask Ss to read the statements and the names of the famous places in
the box (P133) and do the matching.
1. It was designed and built by a French civil engineer with 300
meters in height.
T- W.C
Team work


2. It is in South Central Asia, 8.848 meters high above sea level.
3. It was built from 246- 209 BC and some people say it can be
seen from the moon.
4. It is a bell striking the hours in the clock tower of the House of
Parliament in London.
5. It is a skycraper in Manhattan, New York City.
6. It is a famous place in Quang Binh Province recognized as a
World Heritage Site by Unessco.
- Check if Ss understand the statements.
- Give feedback anf correct.
Answer Key:
1. Eiffel Tower 4. Big Ben
2. Mount Everest 5. Empire State Building
3. Great Wall of China 6. Phong Nha Cave
iii. practice.
1. Questions and Answers Drill.
- Divide the class into 6 groups.
- Ask Ss to use the information in the matching to write Yes/ No
questions about 10 places in the box (each St writes q question).
- Ask Ss to look at the 3 model questions (P132).
- Have Ss ask and answer the questions, check yes or no.
- Call on some group to demonstrate their work.
2. Grammar Drill.
- Elicit the model sent.s by asking Ss a question:
T: Is Great Wall in China?
St: Yes, it is.
- Ask Ss to listen:
T: I asked Lan if Great Wall was in China. She said that it was.
- Write the sent. on the b.b.
Model Sentences
I said to Lan, Is Great Wall in China?
Yes/No Question (Direct Speech)
I asked Lan if Great Wall was in China
Indirect Yes/No question
- Concept checking: form and use.
Form: Indirect Yes/ No Question
S + asked (sb) + if/ whether + Sđổi + Vlùi 1 thì + Ođổi + Advđổi
wanted to know
Use: Một số thay đổi khi chuyển từ câu trực tiếp sang câu gián tiếp
+ Các ngôi thứ 3 (he/ she/ it/ they) và các danh từ, DT chỉ tên riêng:
T- W.C


T- Ss
T- Ss
gi÷ nguyªn.
+ Tenses:
Present Simple Past Simple
Present Continuous Past Continuous
Present Perfect Past Perfect
Past Simple Past Perfect
- Have Ss copy.
3. Reporting Yes/ No/ Questions.
- Have Ss talk about their classmates’answers with their partners , using
Reported Speech.
- Call on some Ss from each group to report before the class.
- Give feedback and correct.
iv. production: Language Focus 2 (P136)
- Set the scene: yesterday, Nga and Nhi talked about My Son, one of
theWorld Cultural Heritages of Viet Nam.
- Ask Ss to report what Nhi asked Nga, using Reported Speech.
- Put the poster with questions on the b.b.
- Model the first question and ask Ss to listen.
a. Do you know My Son, Nga?
Nhi asked Nga if/ whether she knew My Son.
* Oral Drill:
- Call on one St to read the question and another St to read the reported
- Give feedback and correct.
- Go on until the last question.
* Writing Drill:
- Call on some Ss to write the reported sent.s on the b.b.
- Give feedback and correct.
- Ask Ss to copy.
Answer Key:
b. Nhi asked Nga if/ whether it was far from Ha Noi.
c. Nhi asked Nga if/ whether My Son was in Quang Nam Province.
d. Nhi asked Nga if/ whether many people lived at My Son.
e. Nhi asked Nga if/ whether many tourists visited My Son every year.
f. Nhi asked Nga if/ whether she wanted to visit My Son one day.
V- homework.
- Learn the new forms and use and make 2 sent.s with it..
- Correct L.F 2 in your notebooks.
- Prepare Unit 11: Listen + Language Focus 4.
T- St

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