GA du thi day gioi (2)

Giáo án dự thi Giáo viên dạy giỏi Năm học: 2008 - 2009
Preparing date: 28/11/ 08
Teaching date: 03/12/ 08
Period 43.
I. Objectives:
A. Topic and tasks: After finishing this lesson, sts are able to talk about a daily work.
B. Education:
Ss should be taught to tell others about his/ her family by writing a letter.
C. Skills: Develop four skills, focus on speaking and reading
II. Language content:
A. Vocabulary: part-time, mechanic, homeless, shift, days off, local and prefer
B. Structures: Remind: … fewer … than …
III. Teaching aids and method:
- Teaching aids: book, chalk, board, a tape and a stereo.
- Method: Communicative approach.
IV. Procedures:
A. Warm up: (4-5’ )
- T sticks three pictures on the board.
- T gives 9 words and asks 9 Ss to stick them with correct picture for one minute.
- Each student takes each word and must find out the correct picture to stick it on.
- Teacher checks and gives feedback.
- Ss read all the words.
- T uses the pictures to lead in.
do homework, at school ,a housewife, in a factory, 6 days a week,a worker,
40 hours a week, a student, at home, take care of family,repair machines
A worker
A student
A housewife
• in a factory
• repair machines
• at school
• do homework
• at home
• cook lunch
Giáo viên: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Tuyền Đơn vị: Trường THCS Quang Trung

Giáo án dự thi Giáo viên dạy giỏi Năm học: 2008 - 2009
B. Presentation:
Time Teacher’s and Ss’ activities Content
 Pre-teaching:
- T sets the scene.
- Ss listen to the tape.
- T introduces Ss about the
parts of the letter.
- T reads the letter.
-T asks Ss to guess True/ False
on the statements.
- Ss give their answers.
- T gives some words and asks
Ss to find out the old words.
- Ss do as requested.
- Ss give the meanings of the
new words.
- Repetition drill.
- Ss read (choral - individual).
- T gives feedback.
• Checking vocabulary :
- T gives some sentences and
asks Ss find the words above to
complete them.
- Ss complete the sentences.
- T gives feedback and asks Ss
read the sentences.
You are going to listen to a letter from Tim. He
wrote to Hoa and told Hoa about his family. Let’s
start our lesson now.
• Guess True or False on these statements:
1. There are four people in Hoa’s family.
2. Tim’s mother works at home.
3. Tim’s father is a farmer.
4. They always go to Hawaii on vacation.
I. New words:
- homeless (adj): vô gia cư
- mechanic (n): thợ máy
- shift (n): ca làm việc
- part-time (n): công việc bán thời gian
- day off (n): ngày nghỉ
- local (adj): ở địa phương
- prefer (v): thích … hơn
She works part-time at a local supermarket.
Tim’s father has fewer days off than his mother.
He prefers the morning shift.
C. Practice:
 While-teaching :
- Ss read the letter silently.
- Some Ss read the letter loudly
- T corrects pronunciation.
- Ss check the answers T/F and
correct the false statements.
- T gives a table and asks Ss to
make notes about Tim’s
- Ss work in groups,
completing the table.
- Some Ss give the answers
(oral – written).
- T gives feedback.
- Teacher guides Ss to practice
II. Practice:
• Possible answers :
1. T
2. T
3. F. farmer mechanic
4. F. Hawaii Florida
• Make notes about Tim’s parents :
Place of
Hours per
Mr. Jones
at a local
• Possible answer:
Place of work Hours per
mechnic in a factory 40
housewife at home
at a local
Giáo viên: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Tuyền Đơn vị: Trường THCS Quang Trung

Giáo án dự thi Giáo viên dạy giỏi Năm học: 2008 - 2009
(8’) in pairs, asking and asnwering
the questions.
- Ss work in pairs, asking and
answering the questions.
- Some pairs practice in front of
the class (oral – written).
- T gives feedback
• Ask and answer the questions :
a. She works at home. But three mornings a week she
works part – time at a local supermarket .
b. She cooks lunch for homeless people once a week
c. He is a mechanic. He repairs machines in a factory.
d. He works about 40 hours, sometimes in the
morning and sometimes in the afternoon.
e.The Jones family always go to Florida on vacation
and they have a great time there.
D. Production:
(5’)  Post-teaching :
- T gives sheets of study and
asks Ss to work in groups,
completing the sentences in the
- Ss work in groups.
- Some Ss give the answers.
- T gives feedback.
- Some Ss summarize the letter
based on the sheet of study.
- T gives feedback.
III. Complete the passage, using the information
from the table:
This is Tim’s family. There are four people in
his family: his father, mother, his sister- Shannon and
Tim. His mother is a …(1)… She works at ……(2)
….. and she has a part-time work at a local ……(3)
…… Mr. Jones is a …(4)… He works in a factory
about …(5)… hours a week. They like to go to
Florida on vacation.
• Possible answer:
1. housewife
2. home
3. supermarket
4. mechanic
5. 40
E. Homework : (1’)
- Learn the lesson at home.
- Prepare U
: B
Giáo viên: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Tuyền Đơn vị: Trường THCS Quang Trung

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